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JacQuaeline is a CEO Mentorship Success Coach, Professional Clairvoyant having worked with Los Angeles Police & Sheriff's Departments, Major Corporations, Radio Talk Show Personality and a long career resume of impressive successes, media exposure, thousands of clients and International Speaking Events.  She is known for extraordinarily accurate forecasting and helping clients and students worldwide get tangible, significant, measurable results fast.  If you are seeing a way to Integrate Spirituality & Wisdom Soul Mission, Visionary Concepts into daily life SUCCESS, you are now in the right place!  Congratulations and WELCOME!

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The Art of Meditation

Art of Meditation

The Bio-Feedback Device

the biofeedback device

Time Mastery: Beyond Time Management

Time Mastery: Beyond Time Management

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Powerful coaching for leaders, executives, light workers and visionaries in business.

JacQuaeline specialized in helping people gain clarity, focus, action steps and results by helping them activate/amplify, control and apply Intuition Skills for greater success in all areas of your life and business. Intuition Skills CAN be developed FAST, EASY in order to give you POWERFUL results fast.

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Mindfulness – Meditation – Intuition Power™ by JacQuaeline

Mindfulness Tip from Intuition Power™ Being present – what a gift.  Why?  Less chance for accidents for one, that’s pretty good. More chance live life fully.  You are sure to get better results in life. with both, Mindfulness and Intuition Power.  The interesting fact is..  there’s a fine line between mindfulness and intuition power.  Here’s […]


Today IS The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Do you feel sanity and balance, joy and fulfillment?    Are you relaxed or a little stressed over anything; anything at all? I remember hearing this phrase by my main mentor, Dr. Patricia-Rochelle Diegel.  She said it so many times, “Today is the First Day of the Rest of your life!” I say, take advantage of […]


Right Place, Right Time = Intuition Power™ Get some!

Intuition Power™ in action: this morning I grabbed a cup of coffee, headed to our back office at home a plopped down on the couch. My room mate just left, and a minute later….came back and announced: “I have a feeling I just forgot something – but what?” (he’s a carpenter) I looked up, and […]